About Obsolencencia Programada Intech Products And Ways To Fight It

Obsolescencia programada is a strategy of preparing or designing a product with an arbitrarily restricted useful life or an intentionally fragile design. It becomes redundant (i.e., unfashionable or no longer functional) after a specific time. Obsolescencia programada is also called built-in obsolescence or premature obsolescence. This method’s justification is to generate long-term sales value by minimizing the time between repeated transactions (referred to as “shortening the replacement cycle”). It is the intentional shortening of a product’s lifetime to compel alternatives to be bought by customers.

When a producer has at least one oligopoly, Obsolescencia programada appears to work best. The producer must realize that the buyer is somewhat likely to buy a substitute before launching an obsolescencia programada (see brand loyalty). In these cases of expected obsolescence, an asymmetry in knowledge occurs between the manufacturer, who knows how long the product was meant to last, and the customer, who does not.

However you feel about expected obsolescence, here are some methods to prolong the life of the things you own.

1.  Fix what you can fix

Two solutions always come to mind when a product does not perform correctly: return or replace. The possibility of returning goes away after a certain period. But for a substitution, you do not have to rush to the shop. You sometimes have the option of fixing what you purchased.

2.  Purchasing from a reputable source

Having your devices from a reputable source is a perfect way to tackle programmed obsolescence. You can read many comments and testimonials from other people from trade electronics reviews about purchasing their gadget and how it has served them well. Without worrying, it will help you make better decisions about where to get your device.

3.  Avoid new trends

Developers do not intend to stand the test of time with a fitness band. A smart thermostat might have some failsafe to keep the system running without an internet connection. Much of the functionality is gone. Longevity is also not even an afterthought for cutting edge electronics.

4.  Create devices of your own

Many of the latest goods coming to market do not provide new features—they have a nice bundle. They are offering a way to do something that, with minimal effort, customers can get up and running. If you are willing to get your hands dirty, so to speak, you will achieve similar results without giving up your knowledge or being left with a product that does not work after a year.

5.  Second-hand Store

Refurbished electronic devices stores have some of the lowest prices you can find on PCs. This hardware is, of course, vintage, but it could be all you need to fulfil your needs. To pull up data online and hammer out a few papers, these are more than useful. And without stressing if they will hurt something that costs you hundreds of dollars, they are a perfect way to expose children to computing.